Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Introducing the Summer Reading Ideas

So what can we do to keep these budding readers (rising 2nd and 3rd graders) reading over the summer months.

"What if we start a reading club?" we said one day while hanging at the bus stop. Lots of crazy ideas get started at the bus stop.

So I thought about it. What would we need to do? How can we make it not seem like work? How would we pick the books? I mulled it over and over. I talked to the moms. I talked and talked. I mulled and mulled. And then I decided. If I continued like this I would never get it started and the moment would pass.

So here it goes...

This is reading club is going to be for the summer 2009 and will be designed for rising 2nd graders. The catch is that anyone can participate. The reading choices will be wide in range so that we capture the interest of any kid and age. The books will be selected as a read a loud book, but if someone is ready to read on their own then they should go right ahead. The real goal is to get them talking about books, characters, and stories. We want to get kids thinking about the books not just reading the words.

The reading group will get together one early evening every two weeks. This is enable the kids to read with their families at their leisure and if they miss a week due to a vacation it won't be too much time between. The get togethers will be short and simple. We will have a picture book read out loud and talk about the characters and the event sequence. This will allow younger siblings to participate. Then the younger kids can play while we talk and ask questions about the story we are reading aloud as a group. When we finish the book we can do a project or host a movie night if the book has a movie the corresponds.

This blog will post questions about the books we are reading. We will also have a list of suggested books to try.