Monday, August 10, 2009

Swiss Family Robinson

We had the chance to introduce the book last week. Reading a children's version of the book makes a big big difference. My book has chapters that are quite short.

I read outloud to the kids and actually we almost finished the first chapter.

The things I asked the kids to look at were...

Tell me who is this family from the title.
What is their last name?
Where are they from?
As we read the first chapter, who is telling the story?
Who are the family members? How many people?

As the ship is wrecked, the family gathers things they would need from the ship. What would you need? What would you take?

Where do you think they landed? In Chapter two of my book it talkes about flamigos and penquins on the beach. What other animals do you think they might encounter?

I asked for them to read about 1/3 of the book to the part of the EXPLOSION! In my version that was chapter 8 about page 54.

The next meeting will be Thursday night at 7:30.
I will end that meeting having them think more about what inventions they will be reading about. What would they invent?

See you soon

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