Saturday, June 27, 2009

Finishing Edward Tulane

Let's finish up reading Edward for next Wednesday.

Some things to discuss while we are reading this....

Talk about the new characters introduced.
Nellie, why is she sad?
Hobo and his dog, how does being found by them change Edward? Does it turn his heart to long for those who he has been with and now miss? Why does he repeat their names?

When the old woman hangs Edward on a pole to scare away the crows in her garden,
Edward thinks, “I am done with caring.” He feels mocked by the stars, which seem to
say, “You are down there alone.” On page 113, he tells the stars, “I have been loved,”
and they reply, “What difference does that make when you are all alone now?”
Does it make a difference? - This is a good question for some of the older kids.

Why does it matter to Edward that he has been loved?

Who is Sarah Ruth?
Is there a difference between the love Edward receives from Abilene at the beginning of
the book and the love he receives from Sarah Ruth?
How are his feelings toward Sarah Ruth different from anything he’s experienced before?

What are some of the life lessons Edward learns on his journey, through good times
and bad?

Why do people seem to need this rabbit more than he needs them?

I am only half way through the book so I will probably post more questions later.

The girls seemed to enjoy writing down their words that they did not know. I will try to encourage that with more books.

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