Sunday, June 21, 2009

Meeting time change

Good Morning,
Our next meeting was schedule at 9:30 for Wednesday, June 24. I would like to change the time to 9:15 am. The meeting will not be longer than 45 minutes. I need to leave our house at 10:00 for Charlie's swim team practice.

If you can't make this meeting please try and read to Chapter 15 for the next meeting.

If you children have read further than chapter 7 (what we will be discussing). Ask them a few questions....

Why did Pellegrina say to Edward "You disappoint me." What was the meaning in the story Pellegrina told? Why does Pellegrina tell the story about a princess who loves no one and is turned intoa warthog by a witch to Abilene and Edward?
Why is Abilene indignant at the end of the story?
The story leaves Abilene on the deck of the Queen Mary, shouting to Edward,
“Come back,” as he tumbles into the ocean. Discuss what you think happens to
Abilene that day.

Have you ever experienced an adult or a person older than you who condescended to you?
How can you tell? Why do you think that person acted that way?
How did you handle it?

If they have read the chapters on their own, try asking them to read it to you so you can understand it. Have them put tone and voice to the story.

I think our following meeting will be

July 1, Wednesday
6:00 pm

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