Monday, June 15, 2009

First meeting

What an amazing group we have! You all were wonderful.

So to recap...

This book club is for anyone who wants to participate. My focus will be to help those younger kids look for things while they read however this should not deter any of the older kids who want to participate. If they enjoy reading they should enjoy the process we are doing.

Everyone was sent home with a notebook. They need to use this while they read to write down words or topics that they might not understand. Use this for research something from the story. Write down a question about the story they want to bring up with the group.

The 'assignment' for everyone. Read up to Chapter 7 for the next meeting. It seems to be a natural break in the story. Find out or research the "Queen Mary." I will be interested to see what they come back with for next week. Of course, parents, research is done with your permission via internet, library or research books.

Hope everyone enjoyed it. If you know of others who are interested... by all means invite them along. I just did not want to push it on folks who don't want to do it.

Next week - Wednesday 9:30 meeting.

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