Thursday, July 9, 2009

Did they like Stink!

Oh my yes.
We had a smaller group in the morning but I think I say that those kids really liked Stink.

The second grader readers were ready to answer the questions that where handed out. One of our older readers enjoyed it so much that he created a crossword puzzle for the kids to do, using words found in the book. It was quite impressive.

So we answered,
What is popcorning? Where is Stink from? What is 'rainbow poop'? Who is Mrs. Birdwistle? and more.

They so wanted to read another Stink book, but I told them that they needed to do it on their own in addition to our reading.

I got the feeling that the level was just perfect for them too. The reading was not too hard when they wanted to read on their own and the reading aloud worked well too.

I have to try and find more like that but they definitely through me a curve ball with their selections for next time.

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