Friday, July 31, 2009

A mini break

Since we had to head out of town we had a 'bi-week' this week.

I hope everyone is finishing or has finished the book - Ransom Note Blues. I think it was fun to work on the codes and see how they worked out the clues.

Our next book will be Swiss Family Robinson. It is a hearty read for us I think. I am trying to break it down into three weeks.

I want to finish the book club with a fun read just before we all head back to school. As I looked at the school activited and our family calendar I think we will stop book club for the school year. It will be too hard to work everyone's schedules together. But we can still encourage the reading throughout the year. The Rizzi's are thinking about ways to set up get togethers to do smaller reading activities, which sound great.

Our last and final book is Flat Stanley's Worldwide Adventures Series 1: The Mount Rushmore Calamity. It is a newer book to the series. I picked up ours at the bookstore but I am pretty sure I spotted a copy at the Mount Vernon Library too.

Due to a birthday party on Wednesday, August 4. I would like to suggest the next book club meeting next Thursday night at 7:30pm (August 6). Reminder, the kids only need to finish the Ransom Note Blues. We will discuss what to expect for the Swiss Family Robinson story and what the plan is for reading.

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