Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kids Picks

Well, it was overwhelming. Most of the kids seem to enjoy reading Stink. The facts were fun. They wanted to read another one but I suggested we try some different books.

After a host of suggestions and a great book selection from Patrick Rizzi's visit with the local librarian, we voted on the next reads. The kids had a million suggestions and my head was actually spinning with all the options. We narrowed it down to 5 and then just two favorites. This is what they came up with.

The kids picked two books...a classic read and a mystery.

We are going to read Swiss Family Robinson (and maybe even have a movie night to boot) and also read The Ransom Note Blues. The Ransom Note Blues is a brand new book. So new it is not in the library yet and most main bookstores have not gotten it in stock yet. Margaret has located two copies at Alladin's Lamp and is picking them up on Friday. With my copy that gives us three right now. I thought that we could read the first 3 chapters (about 40 pages). Hopefully that will allow us to share our copies with enough time to read.

Right now, I am not prepared with any questions for the kids or activities. I hope to get some for them soon.

So assignment -
Get Swiss Family Robinson book (we have children's version called Classic starts and I think we got it in Barnes and Noble)
Get or borrow a copy of The Ransom Note Blues and read 3 chapters.

I hope we can read the mystery this month and follow up with the Swiss Family Robinsons.

The next meeting can be Wednesday, July 15 at 7:30 (or 7:00) at my house, if that works for everyone. And again a meeting on Wednesday, July 22 in the morning or evening works for us.

We will not have book club the week of July 27 - 31. We will be in Florida.

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